Class Timetable

If you have any questions regarding the events on the timetable click here if it is about a particular class please contact the teacher directly, details can be found on the teachers page or by clicking on the teachers name on the timetable. It's a good idea to contact the teacher before attending the class for the first time to let them know you are coming :) You can check the group page for notices or cancellations Please contact teachers to arrange concessions if needed.

Concessions are available for classes for those in need, talk to the teacher. Free classes for Womens Aid, talk to the teacher of the class you would like to attend.

1st etc = 1st Sunday of the month etc. (date) = start date








10-11.30 Heartful Hatha £10 -Anne Marie

10-11.30 The Health and Healing of Yoga £7 -Sylvia Roberts

10-11 Hatha For Health by donation -Julie Stone

10.30-12 Kundalini Yoga £8 -Emma

11.30-12.30 Over 50s Iyengar £7 -Rachel Bohadana

12-1 Adult Ballet £7.50 -Maria De Francesca

2.30-4 3rd Gong Meditation £15 Wendy 3rd

3.15 Ballet Appreciation (2-3+) £3 -Hillary Tan (4th June)

3.30- 4.30 Over 50s Iyengar £7 -Rachel Bohadana

3.50 Beginners Ballet (4-5) £4 -Hillary Tan (4th June)

6-7.15 Vinyasa Flow £8 -Alicia Waters

Events & Workshops

Events & Workshops

7-8.30 Kundalini/Yoga Mantra Choir £8 -Emma

4.45 Children's Ballet (6-8) £5 -Hillary Tan (4th June)

7.30-8.30 Iyengar £10 -Lucy Aldridge

7-8.15 3rd Cacao Nurturing Circle £15 -Alison Fleming

4.30-6.30 1st Women's Group Helen Mantell

5.45 Ballet Fitness (teens/adults) £6 -Hillary Tan (4th June)