Workshops and Events

Day of free classes at Inner Space's peaceful and beautiful yoga sanctuary in Newlyn. Come along for the whole day retreat or pop in to try a few classes and see if they are for you. Relaxing day to hang out with the lovely Penwith lot. Free Taster Classes - £5 Massage - Wholefoods and Yummyness.

Here is the order of the day.
Doors 9am
9.30 Julie Stone- Community Yoga
10 Liz Howell- VinyasaYoga
10.30 Hannah Nunes- Pilates
11 Rachel Bohadana- Iyengar Yoga
11.30 Catherine Campbell- Vera Flow
12 Sylvia Roberts- Relax with Yoga
12.30 Alicia Bargh- Vinyasa Yoga
1 Evony Lynch- pregnancy circle
1.30 Pauline McCluskey- Women's Tantra
2 Nick- Mens Class Iyengar
2.30 Anne Marie- Heartful Hatha
3 Daniela Schlemm- Laban Dance
3.30 Emma- Bohadana Kundalini Yoga and Mantra Choir
4 Wendy & Johanna- Gong Bath

Cleanse the soul with a gong bath. The gong it is an ancient deep meditation and healing tool, it bringing us to the ultimate state of relaxation and inner peace. It is very powerful! We are quickly taken to the optimum state for healing brainwave frequencies between 4 and 7 Hz. known as Theta. The Gong is amplification device to a tune to a high frequency, clearing all that is not aligned with the resonate vibration that holds the universe. Instigating a profound energetic experience of how to transform outmoded thoughts forms that drag on the body such as victim and unworthy. The sound frequency releases that which does not serve the highest vibration of truth so we can maneuver through the emotional blocks to the flow of our own consciousness. This feels really good! Just come lay down, get cosy and be bathed in the sounds of the gong.