Rachel Bohadana- Rachel started taking an interest in yoga in her teens and began practicing Iyengar yoga in 2001 with Charlie Worthington. After discovering the sense of balance and other health benefits of her practice this led to her doing the teacher training. Rachel has been teaching since 2013 and has continued to learn with senior teachers. Rachel also works part time in the social care team at a drug and alcohol detox unit and as a musician. racheloveiyengar@outlook.com 07568592289

Iyengar Penzance Newlyn

Lucy Aldridge- Lucy is an experienced Iyengar yoga teacher, sports and remedial massage therapist and a S.U.P yoga teacher. Based in Carbis Bay Cornwall, she teaches regular classes, one to one tuition in Cornwall and on the beautiful Island of Tresco. The late great Bellur Krishnamachar Sundararaja (BKS) Iyengar dedicated his life to the study of yoga, making it accessible to all. He maintained a strict standard of teaching and shared his knowledge with Iyengar teachers. As an Iyengar teacher, Lucy is trained in the use of props to assist the practitioner in each asana (posture), to allow more comfort within their pose. http://www.lucyaldridge.com 07817968936

Hatha Yoga Penzance Newlyn

Julie Stone- is a highly experienced Hatha yoga teacher, whose yoga studies have taken her to India, Thailand and Hawaii. Her passion is making yoga accessible for all, and teaching individuals and groups how to cultivate an enjoyable self-practice as part of daily life. Cultivating a personal practice has been key to Julie’s wellbeing and recovery from cancer. Combining yoga with her background as an ethicist and educator, Julie brings compassion and light-heartedness to her classes. Her style of teaching is as much about how we relate to ourselves and each other off the mat as it is about a physical practice. More information about Julie and Land’s End Yoga can be found on her website www.landsendyoga.co.uk 07597 479945

Vinyasa Yoga Penzance Newlyn

Alicia Waters- is known for leading joyful, dynamic classes that keep a strong focus on functional alignment. That means you get to move the way your body is designed to move - building strength and openness in a gradual, safe way. Bringing years of experience in diverse styles of yoga to the mat (primarily Vinyasa Flow) as well as a background in Thai Yoga massage, Alicia's classes are the perfect balance of effort and ease. Alicia received her 500-hour certification after training intensively in India and Thailand. She currently leads classes, workshops, and retreats in Cornwall and teaches internationally with Frog Lotus Yoga Teacher Training programs. www.VinyasaYogaCornwall.com aliciawatersyoga@gmail.com

Kundalini Yoga Newlyn Penzance Cornwall

Emma Bohadana- Kundalini Yoga
Emma has been learning & sharing thru Kundalini yoga for the past six years. A mother of 5 with a background in dance, movement therapy, choreography, E.F.T & yoga. The focus of her classes is relaxing into being.....all levels of experience are most welcome. seedsistasyoga@yahoo.com www.kundalinikernow.co.uk/ 07446 257502

Johanna Graham- Kundalini Yoga, Chakra Dance & Gong. Kundalini is a powerful & profound sacred practice, it notably affects physical mental and spiritual change. Best of all it is done to heavenly and beautifully relaxing music... I have tried many practices throughout my life's journey I love this ancient technology, shared with us by Yogi Bahjan, I have found it powerfully healing and transformative in my own life. So much so I learned to teach so I can share this with others. www.kundalinikernow.co.uk/kundalini-yoga-penzance also a devotional singer I have an album out of Kundalini Yoga mantra called In Devotion. http://www.kundalinikernow.co.uk/music-jastek-kaur Kundalini Yoga is known as the yoga of awareness and transformation. Its is be experienced, it leaves the student feeling blissfully connected to all that is and comfortably inhabiting the body. 07973 694760

Soul Yoga Newlyn Penzance

Anne-Marie Le Seve- drawing on 20 years of personal practice and heartfelt experience and 13 years of sharing this through teaching studied yoga in India as well as the UK and qualified with the Devon School of Yoga in 2002, for whom she has subsequently taught on Foundation and Teacher Training courses. She brings a wealth of experience to her classes having practised many different styles of Hatha Yoga (Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Scaravelli) also drawing from her ongoing practice of Mindfulness Meditation and western Buddhism. Incorporating mindfulness meditation practices increasing our capacity to be present and improving our quality of life. Classes are warmly led and incorporate yoga asana to recharge and ease the body, breath-work and relaxation techniques to restore and renew, and short meditation practices to discover space and peace of mind. amleseve@hotmail.com 07773 333769

Sylvia Roberts- I have explored many different approaches to the teaching of yoga having been actively involved in it's practice since 1969. I began my training with The All India Board Of Yoga and, in addition, have gained teaching qualifications with other schools of yoga, to include :- Dru Yoga (Life Foundation School Of Therapeutics) FRYOG (Friends Of Yoga Society International), Vinyoga and The British Wheel Of Yoga. Whatever age, ability and limitations, I like to think that my classes are a time for students to cherish themselves learning to unwind slowly and naturally in a safe and comfortable environment. We will be working gently, systematically and with awareness through progressive gentle stretches to revitalise the body, increase it's potential for movement and release deep rooted tensions. Breath control and awareness improves the circulation helping to promote calmness. ylviaroberts2810@yahoo.com 07980 058778

Cacao ceremony

Alison Flemming- is a cacaoista holding sacred cacao ceremonies, working with the plant spirit medicine of cacao. The spirit of cacao is very feminine, loving, gentle, powerful and heart opening. Her medicine is wonderful for healing, transformation, deep release and nurturing. A cacao ceremony is an immersive sensory experience of different tastes, sounds, aromas and touch. Alison trained as cacaosita in Ibiza with Rebecca Shaman and has 10 years’ experience as a qualified counsellor. She offers group, one to one and couples cacao ceremonies. alison@mococu.co.uk 07967293892

Kayleigh Cheel- discovered yoga while studying at university. Barely able to touch her toes, she was first drawn to yoga as she wanted to improve her strength and flexibility but quickly realised there was a lot more to yoga than the physical practice. Kayleigh is trained in Baptise Style Vinyasa Yoga. Baptiste Yoga practice will strengthen, stretch and transform your body as well as encouraging and challenging you to explore the possibilities within. It will raise your vitality and sense of personal power as well as boosting your confidence.Classes are 60 minutes long and consist of dynamic flows designed to create heat and detoxify your body, deep stretches and opening poses followed by a short meditation to leave you feeling totally relaxed. Kayleigh’s teaching style is fun and friendly. She aims to make her classes accessible to all abilities from the total novice to the yogi master. With her understanding of every body being different she offers a range of modifications to suit all bodies. kayleighcheel@gmail.com 07971 238811

Nick Thompson- has been practicing Iyengar yoga for 12 years and teaching for 3 years.This class will improve your stability, balance,flexibility and strength. All levels and abilities are welcome. Iyengar yoga uses props to access the postures more easily. With correct alignment and extension of the body with the aim to intentionally still the spontaneous fluctuations of the mind. nickthomson1976@googlemail.com 07984 474298